5 of the Most Common Types of Cancer

Cancer Block Letters
In America, approximately 38.5 percent of men and women will develop cancer within their lifetime. Every year, there are over 1.6 million new cancer cases. Unfortunately, 595,690 people will succumb to the disease every year.

Currently, there are more than 200 types of cancer, each characterized by their particular abnormal cell growth and location. Many are luckily very rare.

According to the 2017 statistics produced by the American Cancer Society, the following is a list of the top five most prevalent cancers Americans risk facing today. The occurrences of these cancers among the U.S. population vary each year.

1. Breast Cancer

In 2017, Breast Cancer is estimated to be the most common cancer in the United States, with an approximated 255,180 women and men contracting the disease. Breast cancer is estimated to cause 41,070 deaths in the upcoming year. Though, this cancer is very rare in males with only 460 men dying each year, it is the most common cancer type for women.

2. Lung Cancer

Lung cancer reaches nearly as far reaching of an effect as breast cancer. Lung cancer, including Bronchus, has an estimated 222,500 new cases that wis predicted to occur this year, with over three times the number of deaths as breast cancer. In 2017, an estimated 155,870 people will die from lung cancer.

3. Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer to affect men. Approximately 161,360 people were diagnosed with prostate cancer. An estimated 26,730 deaths from prostate cancer will take place in 2017. For men, prostate cancer is the third leading cause of death in America.

4. Colon and Rectal Cancer

Colon and rectal cancers are often grouped together as colorectal cancers. For 2017, an estimated 135,430 people will contract the disease. Many will not survive if they develop colorectal cancers. The estimated number of deaths for this type of cancer in 2017 is 50,260.

5. Melanoma

The estimated number of cases for Melanoma seems to increase every year. It’s predicted that in 2017, 87,110 people will develop some sort of melanoma. Luckily, melanoma has one of the lowest estimated causes of death in the list, predicted to only cause 9,730 deaths in the upcoming year.

Awareness of the most prevalent cancers can help educate people about prevention of these specific diseases. If you have questions or concerns please let us know.