Clinical Oncology Services in Buffalo

A cancer diagnosis can be life-altering, which is why CCS Oncology is committed to providing our patients with the highest quality level of care, research and medical services.

Gynecologic OncologySecuring an appointment with a physician should not take weeks, and we firmly work to connect our patients with practitioners in a timely manner so that their care and progress can be monitored and managed with care.

When it comes to our oncology services, we our state-of-the-art care approach and technologies make us a leading choice in the region.

We believe in improving the lives of our patients by providing them with customized plans, each one tailored to the individual and their unique needs.

That means all of our physicians are vetted both from a professional and personal standpoint. In that way, we may guarantee a warm, caring environment for every patient.

At CCS Oncology, we are proud to be members of this community.

That’s why it has always been our mission to find and offer a wide range of oncology services to the people of Buffalo and Western New York.

Our board-certified physicians and clinicians are esteemed in their respective fields, and have significant experience treating countless types of cancer, including leukemia, bladder, bone, prostate and breast cancer, melanoma, multiple myeloma and a range of other common and even rare cancers.

We’re honored to offer exceptional treatment for patients throughout Western New York, and we encourage anyone in need of professional advice and care to reach out to us with their questions or to learn more about our areas of specialty.

Contact CCS Oncology today by calling 716-810-9631.

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