Common Questions about Radiation Cancer Treatment

Cancer Radiation Treatment & Oncology in Buffalo

What is external beam radiation therapy?

  • It is a common cancer treatment that uses high doses of radiation to destroy cancer cells and shrink tumors.
  • A large machine aims radiation at the cancer. The machine moves around you without touching you. It doesn’t make you radioactive.

How does treatment work?

  • At low doses, radiation is used as an x-ray to take pictures inside your body.
  • In cancer treatment, higher doses of radiation are used to destroy cancer cells.

How long does treatment take?

  • The length of your treatment depends on your type and stage of cancer.
  • Most treatments take 2 to 10 weeks. Most treatments will take about 20 minutes.

Why do I need another CT when I had one?

  • This CT scan is for planning purposes only. The CT scan that we use serves as a copy of your body when we enter it into our computer planning software.
  • Our physics department will then incorporate the necessary angles needed to treat the area of interest and the software will simulate how the radiation will work.

What is an IMRT radiation treatment?

  • IMRT means Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy. IMRT is a new type of conformal radiation therapy that uses radiation beams of varying intensities to deliver different doses of radiation to small areas of tissue at the same time.
  • This technology allows for the delivery of higher doses of radiation within the tumor and lower doses to nearby healthy tissue.

What about side effects?

  • You can discuss the possibility of side effects with your physician.
  • If any side effects are experienced during your treatments, it is important that you tell your doctor.

Will my insurance cover radiation treatment?

  • We accept all insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid.
  • Our independent billing experts will work for you and with your insurance company. They will take care of all billing and insurance related needs.