Clinical Research Programs

CCS Healthcare has initiated multi-specialty clinical research programs ranging from clinical trials to preventive healthcare and the field of patient safety.

We have worked to develop ongoing collaborative efforts and initiatives with like-minded institutions and organizations to initiate clinical research programs in oncological as well as non-oncological specialties.

  • Our focus on clinical cancer research and other research programs is aimed at providing access to participating clinical researchers to our unique community-based research model.

Our all-in-one cloud platform integrates electronic healthcare records and is an incredibly instrumental tool in collecting and providing data for every participating clinical research organization.

Clinical Researcher

Innovative Clinical Research

CCS Healthcare has created collaborations with the University at Buffalo to introduce innovative clinical research trials and programs.

Our focus on cutting-edge research to develop new and innovative methods of intervention to treat and prevent diseases, illnesses and cancers would contribute significantly towards healthcare.

Our clinical research center works with a goal of evaluating newer methods to prevent and treat the most significant and problematic medical issues of today.

Our research studies and clinical cancer trials offer opportunities to interested participants to explore the evolving new options of treatment that may eventually become a new standard of care for patients in the future.